Best Hunting Bow Release

Best Hunting Bow Release – TruFire line of releases for bow deer hunting

TruFire Bow Releases are some of the best releases on the market.  They offer the most value at every price point.  Whether you are just learning or you are a seasoned pro – you will find a release that meets your budget and needs!

The TruFire Patriot Release is a great trigger for beginners.  best bow release for hunting

The release mechanism works great. I have put it through about 200 shots so far and still working like new. Very sturdy and well made I would not recommend tightening the tension screw as it seems like it may break. Construction of the trigger is all metal and all moving parts of the trigger release mechanism are metal. It is very durable and will stand up to the abuse of normal everyday use.

==> For less than $20, it is a great entry level release.


The TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release – Camo Wrist Strap with Foldback Designhunting compound bow

This release has a hairpin touch right out of the box which is exactly the way I like mine with a bow, but can easily be adjusted. I’m crazy about the foldback feature which makes everything so much easier while wearing the release. This release is silent – from the buckle (instead of velcro) and the mechanism, you will not have to worry about sound scaring off your deer.

The best feature of this release is the hook design of the string catch. It’s much quicker to engage than any caliper release, and can be done entirely by feel while your eyes remain on the target. WAY faster to engage (especially in a dark game blind in twilight, or while walking and suddenly coming upon a buck or bull), plus it’s more secure than a caliper (there’s no chance of accidentally not getting it fully closed over the string loop, as with some caliper designs) and faster to disengage as well – which is especially nice when hunting on foot in rough country.

The trigger is angled back a bit rather than sticking out 90 degrees from the body. Ergonomically, this just makes sense. With bow drawn, your index finger isn’t parallel to the body of the release, is it? Of course not, since it crosses over the release at an angle – so why are 95% of the releases out there designed as if your finger should pull straight back along the body of the release? It may not matter much, but this release gets it right.

==>Priced at about $70, this release is a quality product that will last many seasons!


The Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Releasebow hunting supplies

This is the best trigger release for bow hunting you will find available today. The action and movement is quiet and smooth as glass. There are many adjustment points so you can set it up to your exact personal preferences. Just play with it and try different settings and you will find perfection. My groupings got smaller and smaller as I used this release.

Yes, there is a small learning curve if you have never used a finger release before but, the ergonomics alone make this release worth every dollar. It makes the bow easier to draw and I believe it is because you can more efficiently engage your forearm muscles which are responsible for finger flexion. With a typical wrist release, those muscles cannot work because the position of the wrist strap prevents you from engaging any of your fingers. Once you get used to the correct anchor point for yourself, you’ll be shooting well in very little time and have less fatigue in the strong arm from drawing.

==>For about $120, you will get a very high quality, ergonomic release that will perform year after year.


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